How can I increase my chance of a snow day?

The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids has Now Cancelled the Winter Storm Watch, Fell Ottawa & Kent counties northward from Some weather Reports, Also issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for Allegan, Barry, and Ionia counties southward.

The edge of this snow needs to arrive at West Michigan this evening, and mostly light to occasionally average snow fall will continue during the overnight hours. What will be of problem is that your large fever drop that will occur shortly before tomorrow ‘s commute. Temperatures will fall into the 20s at a short amount of time close to daybreak, which could present a hazard for freezing streets from near freezing. Together with ongoing snowfall, the morning commute could be quite a slow . For people who do not see a large amount of snowfall, the time together with this system lines for a snowy and slow morning jog. The most heavy snowfall can continue through the hours, which is when snow proceeds to collect best, as opposed when earth temperatures are a little warmer. I’m not entirely convinced yet that areas including Hastings and also Ionia couldn’t observe a wholesome amount of buildup As the snow will be expected closer to Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.

This is some thing I am ongoing to see throughout this evening. The snow will gradually wind down late Wednesday day and day. Lake effect could produce a few snow this past week. The greatest opportunities will be along the lakeshore, while I will possess a map coming from this day. 1 potential I’m monitoring is your potential for freezing back streets in rural regions that will present yet another chance for closings. I’ll possess the map right here (click to view) in 8pm this evening. Stay educated! The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids has already issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for both Ottawa, Kent, and Ionia counties into the south from seven PM to Night through 7 PM Thursday for an average 1 to 4 inches of snow accumulation. The majority of the snow-fall will arise through Thursday morning. Below may be your snow-fall map, and from NWS Grand Rapids:

How do schools determine snow days?

It’s well worth noting the snow-fall prediction has trended downward within the past 24-48 hrs. This strategy appeared to truly really have the potential to produce greater than 46 inches of snow but it has gone . This system has got the potential to make effects off into the south tomorrow .

The WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY has been extended right up until 10am Friday to its lakeshore counties for an additional 14 inches of lake-effect snowfall. At the time of 4pm this afternoon, the group of snow is forthcoming on shore close to South Haven / Benton Harbor. Until turning a bit in land, It’ll hug the lakeshore for a lot of the evening. Below may be the snowfall prediction from NWS Grand Rapids:

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