How to watch Hotstar UK for free?

Everyone loves services that they can enjoy free of cost, but we also know that anything valuable didn’t come free. All you have to do is act smart and get discounts as much as possible. You can enjoy Hotstar UK almost for free.

In this article, I will teach you how you can watch HotstarUk for free by using some techniques and promo codes to reduce your overall payments.

Different ways to watch Hotstar UK for free

Free Trial

New subscribers can avail of a seven day free trial on Hotstar UK. Subscribe to Hotstar UK, choose a plan, and provide your payment details. A seven-day free trial will be given to you to cancel anytime within a week, and you will charge nothing. The payment details are only for security purposes, don’t worry, you will get your refund.

  1. Creating multiple accounts:

Keep in mind that legally you cannot get more than seven-day free trial; you may create multiple accounts if you have different emails and payment methods. You can create multiple accounts on the credentials of your family members week after week.

  1. By sharing your account.

After applying our promo code HOT45, you will obtain a 10% discount, and with that, you will get different offers through which you can save a lot. According to my rough calculation, it will be a total of a 40% discount, and you have to pay around £27 on your annual plan.

Now, here you can act smart and save 50% more after that you will be paying less than £1.5 a month, which is almost free.

Hotstar UK provides dual connectivity, which means two users at a time can stream on Hotstar. You can share your account with any family member or friend, and both of you can divide the final annual fee.


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