Learn English with these 5 free podcasts



Let’s start with Learn English,a fantastic podcast from the British Council. Episodes are conversations that cover vocabulary and everyday situations. The best thing is that “Learn English” has a lot of support material. Not only can you download the transcript of each episode, but you can also do short tests to test the acquired knowledge. It’s the best way to retain new words and progress faster.

Voice of America

Want to improve your English while listening to interesting topical topics? So, Voice of America: Learning English is for you. This information service has different types of audio programs, which are narrated in English at slower speed than normal. What’s more, everyone deals with different issues. The “American Mosaic” program looks at american popular culture, such as new movies, for example. On the other hand, history buffs will enjoy “The Making of a Nation,” which speaks of American history. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg: there are more programs that focus on science and even grammar, so not only will you learn English, but you’ll learn from other topics!

Pods cast intermediate level
6 Minute English

With the 6 Minute English  podcast, the BBC has managed to create a fun way to learn English. The episodes, which are based on everyday situations, present a discussion between two people, Nick and Alice. The themes are very entertaining; they address issues like “Have the bears come back to stay?” or “How much is your spouse worth to you?” You’ll forget you’re learning English. In addition, each episode has a transcript and vocabulary list with definitions.

Podcasts in English

Podcasts in English is remarkable, if only for its huge variety. In fact, the website has a lot of podcasts for each level. In addition, the episodes are quite short – usually 5 minutes – which is perfect for those who have little time. They also cover entertaining themes, such as these noteworthy chapters; “10 remarkable facts about the world cup” or “planking”. And there is a wide range of good support material.

Advanced-level Podcast
The English We Speak

In The English We Speak,the BBC focuses on idioms and expressions, one of the final steps in mastering a language. The podcast presents a simple conversation between two people each week about a curious and popular idiom. One of my favorite episodes focused on expressions like “eye candy” and “sweet tooth”. And the best? You will hear the idioms used in context, which is

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