The cheapest chimps on the internet

Welcome! Today is another one of those days when we want you to make the most of your money, and take advantage of the best prices we have in our online store.

And this, we’re going to get it by detailing what are the cheapest pots on the market.You should know that our online catalog is nourished by almost 2000 products, where we can find endless accessories and accessories.

Almost 600, belong to our category of cachimbas, from the most affordable, to the most exclusive or luxurious. Therefore, we will introduce you the ideal pots to start in the world,make a gift and even, why not, decoration, but spending as little money as possible.

What are the cheapest pots you’ll find on the internet?

It is true that, buying too cheap pots is not the most recommended,since the low quality of materials such as: bad quality steel, oxidizing metal or non-washable hoses.

Among other low cost products, diminish the quality of our smokes. But if you’re thinking of starting at the shisha world, and spending little money, in Zulo Shishas we’re going to help you.

Pumpkin Hookah, the bazaar

If we say it’s probably the best-selling in the world,we won’t be wrong. We can find them, usually, in establishments such as bazaars, tobacconists, and of course, also in our store, always at the most competitive price in the market.

It is available in various colors for 9.99 euros,and its features include its small size (only 30cm) and its manageability. They also highlight their colors, almost always striking and limited to shades: red, pink, green, blue, yellow, black and white.

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