Things to consider before buying a bong


Water bongs have been around for a significant long time, and are a generally cherished among stoners and tokers for their filtration, convenience, and popularity.  We’ve curated a selection of bongs accessible to be bought created utilizing intense borosilicate glass and other astounding safe materials (like silicone bongs).

These extreme glass water pipes channel fine particles from smoke, yet also deliver smoother, cooler hits. A couple of bongs moreover offer percolators (percs) for more conspicuous spread, assembling and cooling smoke essentially more for immense tears!

Whether or not it’s for flowers, dry flavors, or tobacco-smart smokers have pondered water pipes for millennia!  Glass bongs channel and cool dry flavors or tobacco to give a kinder, gentler smoking experience, routinely with inside percolators to make an even smoother smoke.

For use with wax, oils, and spots, we recommend choosing a glass contact rig instead, as those are expected to enhance flavor and are ideal for concentrates.

Intriguing focuses before buying a bong or water pipe:

Blooms or concentrate? If you’re a dry flavor fan, you’ll need a bowl; dabbers need a nail to get lifted. In the event that you’re into both, consider a piece with an unattached downstem to acclimate to all that the extraordinary plant needs to offer. If you’re looking for glass for dabbing; shop our spot rigs.

Size matters. Glass bongs come in 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm joint sizes. Not *those* joints; we’re talking the glass pieces that partner the various bits of the line, and to make things moreover interesting, glass joints can be either male or female. Add in the various sorts of percolators, and the progressions for your new line are ceaseless!

Glass can break. That’s the explanation Smoke Cartel offers the GlassGuard Guarantee. Secure your piece!

Kinds of Bongs

From direct intelligent styles, for instance, the classic estimating utencil bongs to extend functionals like recyclers with propellor percolators, Smoke Cartel has an extraordinary decision of water pipes. Shop by perc or size to find the line you had consistently needed!

Estimating glass Bongs

It’s all ‘meeting that base. Estimating glass bongs are a commendable water pipe with a wide base that offer extended constancy and a smooth smoke. Bongs in the recepticle style tend to be sturdier than their straight chamber counterparts, making them more opposed to be knocked off the end table by the cat.

Another advantage of estimating glasses is that they hold more water and more smoke in the base, allowing for greater, all the more stunning hits.

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Straight Tubes

For buyers looking for a less troublesome or more regular look, straight chambers and holder base water pipes are the best methodology. Not only will these plans be more straightforward for fledglings to pro, anyway a couple of styles similarly offer adaptability in discrete parts and ornament. Water pipes with removable downstems license you to switch this part with a dabbing nail or another associate to use with various substances. Just make a point to purchase an additional that obliges your water pipe joint size and shape. Straight chamber water lines will hold less water than estimating utencil baselines, anyway various customers lean toward the lighter weight and style.

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Air pocket Base Bongs

The air pocket base style of bong was supported around the 1970s, and is a characteristic look to many. These water pipes either consistently go with a stage base, or sits genuinely at the fixed completion of the air pocket base. An infamous look that offers extraordinary adaptability and straightforwardness of help with it’s clear look.

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Contact Rigs

Water pipes expressly expected for use with spots and centers are called dab rigs. These touch rig bongs channel the water bringing the smoke up through a chamber close to the mouthpiece, release the smoke for the customer to take in, while intensifying on flavor and wind stream since filtration isn’t as critical as while combusting zest.

Spot Rigs will as a rule work with concentrates the best, anyway can similarly be used with bloom and zest.

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Something Unique

A beautiful piece of glass craftsmanship, your bong, looks like a valued buddy. We offer various exceptional pieces here at Smoke Cartel, and acknowledge you can find the ideal themed bong to display your style. We look all over to find you the coolest bongs on earth. That is what makes our online headshop – so uncommon.

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Likewise, see our heady glass – we source exceptional expert glass pieces from glassblowers over the United States. More for style than included limit, any customer will without a doubt find a perplexing water line to show their novel character.

Features of a Bong


Downstems are a fundamental section of water pipes. If your water pipe incorporates a removable downstem, it’s probably a diffused downstem. These join little slices or holes to isolate the smoke before it enters the water. The more air pockets that are made by the downstem, the more surface locale the smoke needs to cool before it enters the chamber for internal breath. If your downstem is non-removable, your water line will probably join such a percolator. There are various percolators accessible, for instance, showerhead percolators or honeycomb percolators, and you may need to examination to find the one you like the best.

Ice Pinch

Some water pipes consolidate an ice pinch as part of their chamber plan, which give customers an extra layer of cooling before the smoke shows up at the mouthpiece. The crush holds the ice in the chamber part of the line so you get the best cooling sway before internal breath. A couple of individuals lean toward taking in warm smoke; yet on the off chance that you’re a cool smoke individual, an ice press will be a key line incorporate.

Sprinkle Guard

Sprinkle screens are handy in keeping the water from the base of the line showing up at your lips as you take in. The sprinkle watch joins cuts so smoke can at present experience, yet the top is domed so the water falls indeed into the base of the line.

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